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Buy and sell properties and get rich doing it


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Landlord - Real Estate Tycoon is a strategy and augmented reality game where you can buy and sell real properties listed in your area ... but with virtual money, of course. The aim of the game is none other than to become a millionaire and own the best properties in the city.

When you start playing Landlord - Real Estate Tycoon, you have limited funds. With this initial amount of money, you need to make wise investments so you can begin amassing your fortune. One of the most effective ways to earn money is by buying properties in your city so you can collect revenue at a steady rate.

One of the strengths of Landlord - Real Estate Tycoon is that you'll never play alone. Other players from all over the world are also trying to buy and sell properties all the time, so if you want to earn money, you'll have to find the right opportunities. What makes it even more exciting is that you'll be competing against both Android and iOS players.

Landlord - Real Estate Tycoon is a game that combines strategy and augmented reality in a really clever way. The game also has a simple and well-designed interface.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher

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